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Molly Litz spent her summers in Maine eating lobster, sailing and shopping the Bean before moving here in 2012. She attended the undergraduate film school at NYU and law school at Florida State, and worked as a title attorney for others before deciding to open Foreside Title in 2015. Molly lives in Portland with her husband Matthew, a fellow lawyer (and geeky CPA), and their two kids, Campbell and Anna.

Foreside Title Company
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  • Concierge Service
  • Attorney Owned
  • Residential & Commerical Closings

Residential Closings

Buying your next home is a unique experience, and Foreside Title will take care of you each step of the way. From the moment you go “under contract” to getting to the closing table, we’ll keep you in the loop and informed about everything going on.

  • Our Services
    Title Search
    Review and Preparation of Documents
    Satisfy All Lender Requirements
    Conduct Closing
    Issue Title Insurance Policy

Foreside Title writes for First American Title Insurance and Chicago Title Insurance.

Commercial Closings

Foreside Title can help you navigate the commercial closing process.

  • Closing Services
    Title Search
    Issue Title Commitment
    Conduct Closing
    Preparation of Closing Documents
    Escrow settlement services
    Commercial Title Insurance

If you are a buyer, seller, lender or real estate agent, Foreside Title can help you complete a smooth, professional, worry-free closing in Portland, Maine.

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